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Raising a Diamond 

A Girls Mentor Organization

A Message from the Founder 

        -Shontavia Hornsby


Empowering girls to rise above any circumstance and shine to become the Diamond they were created to be.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. 

Many of our young girls need positive role models in their lives to help them achieve success by showing them what it takes to follow their dreams in life. Mentorship affords young girls the opportunity to create a brighter future for themselves. When a child is given the chance to succeed academically and socially, they begin to thrive above all means. As a mentor, I’ve learned that when you give a young girl the tools to shape her future, she then begins to believe that she can change the world. As a young girl I had several influential women in my life that helped mold me into the woman I am today. It’s because of their guidance; I understand my purpose and responsibility to pay it forward. As a result, Raising a Diamond was birth.


Raising a Diamond Mentoring Program is a vital solution for encouraging and empowering young girls who struggle with low self esteem, identity, insecurities, and family issues. RAD provides girls (8-18 years old) with the opportunity to fulfill their potential. Our program instills confidence in girls to face the challenges of daily life by working to overcome the issues that will cause them to be remarkable women of the next generation. In partnership with local schools, businesses, and volunteer mentors, our program will be a success and impact many lives.I invite you to get involved with our organization as there are many ways that you can lend a helping hand: become an advocate for mentoring by volunteering with our program or becoming a committed mentor; spread the word about our organization to your family and friends by participating in our social media communities; and make a donation so that we can continue to change the lives of girls.

With your help, Together She Will Shine!​

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